Monday, July 23, 2012

Make a "brass" figurine

I love the look of vintage brass figurines. However they really aren't a necessity for me to be spending money on so in the mean time, I have decided to make my own look-a-like figurine. Here are some examples of the for real figurines that I love.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I saw a ceramic baby deer (I think that is what animal this is???) at a thrift store recently and knew it would be perfect for my brass transformation. To transform it I simply primed and spray painted it with metallic spray paint. I am super pleased with the result. Here is a photo of my little darling sitting in our dining room. 

So now I have a really important question for you readers. I really want a name for my new brass figurine....suggestions please??


Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I've Been Up To

It has been awhile since I have blogged. While I might not have had any big projects, I want to share some of the little things that I have been working on. Bonnybee Designs, my jewelry line, always keeps me busy. I am really excited about a custom order I am working on for a bridal party. They are wearing pale peachy/pink dresses and the bride has asked me to create a variety of similar but unique statement necklaces. I am having so much fun with these and here are some of the in progress photos. 
 Custom Order Bridesmaid Necklaces

Here are a few photos I snapped of some of the other pieces I was working on today.

Beanie Drive
I also participated in a Beanie Drive being done by Jess over at Epherriel Designs. She is asking crafters to make a beanie for her to donate to the chemotherapy unit where her father is getting treatment. I love it when bloggers/crafters get together for a cause like this so one night last week I baked some muffins (for sustenance of course) and got to knitting!

I put my yarn away for the summer so I had to dig I begged Tim to dig to the bottom of my craft closet for my bin of yarn.

 I made some chocolate muffins with canned pumpkin (idea found here on Pinterest) which were delicious with a glass of cold soy milk. I finished up the hat the next night and added a little note. On Saturday I packaged it up and sent my little beanie off to Australia!

I was so excited to take part in this beanie drive and if you are interested in contributing as well please visit Jess's blog for info!

My "New" Antique Sofa

I am constantly on the hunt for decor to use and furniture to redo for Tim and I's upcoming wedding. Having an antique sofa for a lounge area outside at the reception is a must for me. Originally I had planned on renting a sofa from an awesome rental place in Knoxville and only bringing some of the smaller items myself (chairs, sign in desk, etc). However, this weekend I stumbled upon an ah-mazing antique sofa with cream upholstery on sale for just $100 at a local flea mall. I seriously jumped up and down and was so psyched to find it. It costs this much just to rent one and this baby is in great shape (meaning comfy, sturdy, no stains or funny smells). Also I really wanted to do one of those sessions where you drag a piece of furniture out into a field for photos and now I have the perfect sofa to do this for our engagement photos!

The photo of me on the sofa is kinda blurry but I'm sharing it anyway because of the pure joy I was feeling at that moment. 

What do you think? Am I a complete loon for being this excited about this sofa? Tim was even excited about it so I am pretty sure my obsession with furniture is starting to rub off on him (at least that is what I am hoping)

Until next time,