Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Page Lanterns

After being gone for awhile, I am back with a fun decor project for y'all to try! I am planning to use a bunch of these to decorate at our wedding so I thought it was time to try making them. I am thrilled with how they turned out so I wanted to share the super easy process so you can make some too!

Japanese paper lantern
Old book pages
Hot glue gun

 I cut the book pages into half oval shapes that were approximately 3 in tall and 4 in wide.

For each page I put a dab of glue on the lantern, attached the page, then added a dab of glue under each corner of the page. I continued around the row and overlapped each following page. After completing a row, I started the next row and overlapped at least half of the page. I found that overlapping the rows plenty gave the lanterns a more elaborate and full look.

Continue adding rows of pages until you reach the top of the lantern. To finish the lantern I laid some final pages around in a circle to cover the remaining space.

After your are done add some string (I used fishing line), hang and enjoy! I had a great time making these and am excited that I have started on some of our wedding decor!

Let me know if you try making these! I would love to hear about how it goes for you.