Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PROJECT: Monster Hoodie

I saw this awesomely fun hoodie on bustedtees.com a long time ago and immediately thought it should go on my DIY list. Recently a friend of mine decided he would totally rock this hipster garment, so I made him one.

Here are the hoodies from Busted Tees which inspired this project:

Threadbanger is a site I love which has fun DIY projects. They have a monster hoodie tutorial which uses fabric glue instead of sewing for those who don't sew. I myself always like to sew everything to make the garment as secure as possible.

The project is super simple. I started off with an old hoodie, some felt, thread, and a sewing machine.

Next I cut the eyes and teeth out of my felt. I left a half inch of felt on the end of the teeth to join them together and to give myself something to sew (or glue if you choose) to the inside of the hood.

Then I sewed those pieces to the hood of the jacket.

And Voila! You are finished. Below are pictures of my friend Albert enjoying his new monster hoodie.

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon to see my next project.


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  1. bubbles and i love it!

    i have a sponsor feature on my blog today!!

  2. this hoodie was a hit this weekend lol :)