Monday, March 21, 2011

PROJECT: Button Earrings and GIVEAWAY!!

Here is a fun project which is super easy to do and the possibilities are endless! I am going to show you how to make button earrings. You can use any size or type of buttons but they have to have a flat back or be able to be made flat. As you will see, I liked several buttons that did not have a flat back so I enlisted my awesome boyfriend who has mad skills with his dremel tool to take the backs off my buttons.

All you need for this project is some buttons (with a flat back), post earring components (available in the jewelry section of you local craft store; make sure to also buy earring backs if they don't come with them) and some strong glue or epoxy.

Once you gather all you materials you will be able to make these!

After you gather some pretty buttons, if they are not the flat back kind, you must make them flat by removing the back pieces. My boyfriend did this with a dremel tool with a grinder attachment.

Here he is hard at work with Wrigley of course supervising.

These are what the buttons started out as.

And here is one set after the back has been grinded off.

The next and final step is to glue some earring posts to the buttons. This is very easy, just get a good glue (I use E600 as shown below which works great. It is available at Wal-Mart or craft stores but just make sure to read the label and use in a well ventilated area) and stick your earring backs in the center of the button. Or if the button is really long, you might have to adjust the placement of the back to make it sit good on your ear. Make sure to get a thick even coat of glue on the post pad and get a good secure connection.

Here are some of my finished products.

GIVEAWAY!!!! For my loyal readers I am going to give away two pairs of these button earrings. You can choose from these 5 pairs and the first two readers to comment on this post below with which ones they would like will get that pair! Make sure to leave your email so I can contact you for a shipping address.

Giveaway earrings to choose from (from left to right): pink elephants, red lips, illustrated sail boats, ladybugs or dark blue sail boats

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to leave a comment and grab a pair of these earrings,



  1. I love your jewelry and would love the ladybugs, blue sailboats or elephants! LOVE THEM ALL

  2. Thanks for the comments and for reading ladies! Susan, I will email you to get an address and Alyssa, I will bring them to our next craft date for you to pick!