Monday, April 4, 2011

Bonnybee Challenge

So this weekend I had a nice time at the Homberg Art Market. Below is a shot of me in front of my booth!

So I have this disorder where I get carried away at craft stores, buy oodles of supplies that I may or may not have a vision for, then they sit in my craft room gathering dust. I recently went to the craft store planning to buy one item and came out with a bunch, so I am going to ask you, readers, to be my accountability partners in this matter. I am going to share with you the items I purchased and the plans I have for them. Then I will complete and share all of them with you this month. Thus for once I will actually promptly use all the supplies I purchase!

What do you say? Will you hold me to it? Here is the booty I came home with.

And here are the 5 projects these items will be used for.

1. With the cobalt blue fabric and blue thread I am going to make a high waisted skirt for spring because I love that cobalt is in this spring.

2. The orange and teal suede and two metal zippers are to make this over sized clutch whose tutorial I found on this blog.

3. The printed fabrics (3 out of 4 of them were found for a few dollars on the clearance rack!) are going to be made into square scarves. I am even going to try and fray the edges like the store bought ones which is why I got fray check also.

4. I have some plans to make feather hair accessories so this is what the headbands and large clips are for.

5. The chains are for assorted chain necklaces I have in mind.

The only item that will not be used is the brown fabric. I couldn't resist this because it was so cheap on the clearance rack, but I think it will be great for a fall or winter handbag next year so this one will be saved.

So those are the 5 projects I have to do and post by May 1 to complete my challenge. What do you think, will I do it? Which project are you most excited about? Do you have any DIY projects you are planning on doing or have been putting off? Would you like to join me in my challenge? I would love to hear about any projects you are doing in comments below.

'till next time,



  1. oh my! what a challenge! i'm excited for you though!!! i must finally work on my mosaic project!

  2. oh and i am particularly excited about the clutch!

  3. Yes do the mosaic and let me see pictures of it!