Sunday, May 1, 2011

PROJECT: Feather Hair Accessories and Challenge Completion!

Alright I am officially one day into May but I have completed my five April challenge projects and this post will share the remaining two. So I am counting this challenge as completed! First I will show you the feather hair accessories I made.

While in the hair accessories mode I whipped up these two cutsies from some other non-feather scraps.

In case you would like to try and make some of these here are some hints and tips that I learned while making these.

For the hair clips I used different sizes of alligator clips, but to make the surface more friendly to attach feathers, I covered them in a layer of felt. I attached the felt and feathers with hot glue but be careful because you need to use just the right amount of glue with the feathers because they are very delicate and can get messed up easily . I got my feathers from a great Etsy store, BearyBox.

Here is how I did the layered feather headbands (I forgot to take pictures of these so I will show you those later) and layered feather clips. You just start at one side and add feathers one at a time overlapping until the end of your piece.

For the other feather headbands I cut two teardrop pieces of felt and gathered a metal headband and a bunch of feathers. To make the feather pad, I layered and layered the feathers on the first piece of felt until it completely covered the felt in a pleasing way.

I also added buttons, lace or other items to the feather pads to get a look I liked. Then to attach the feather pad to the headband, lay the pad feather side down on the table.

Then hot glue the headband to the feather pad and sandwich the other piece of felt on top, making a secure hold.

Warning: This project is one of the messiest I have other done (second only to grouting mosaics) so be prepared for your table to be covered in scraps like this.

And every time you exhale or move, tiny feather pieces like this will fly all over your table and carpet!

I am really pleased how these hair accessories turned out and hope you like them too! Which are your favorites? Would you wear these or make some yourself? I do plan on selling these at shows and festivals so if you would like to snag one for yourself just let me know in an email or comment below!

Now on to my final project that will use up my April craft store purchases! Here is a multiple chain necklace I have been wanting to make using the chains I purchased.

Alright my Bonnybee Challenge is officially complete! What shall my next project be? Any requests?


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