Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking Forward to - Wedding Favors!

I tend not to share much about my personal life on this blog but as it will be influencing the projects I do in the upcoming year greatly, I wanted to share that almost two months ago, I got engaged! My wonderful fiance Tim (whose helping hand and adorable face has made an appearance on this blog a few times) and I have been best friends for many years and will be getting married in May of 2013. I am so excited to plan our special day and will be sharing all of my DIY goodies on this blog along the way.

One aspect of the party that I want to add my personal touch to is the wedding favors. Below are just a few fun ideas that have caught my eye on Pinterest.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Wine Corks

Handmade Soaps

I am picturing a fun shabby chic desk with lots of character hosting a beautiful display of a collection of goodies where guests can choose the perfect souvenir for themselves.

 What do you think? Which of these favors would you choose? Do you have other ideas? Can't wait to share this journey and all my decor ideas with all of you!


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