Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Desk Redo and More 30 by 30

First I wanted to share a few photos of a desk I recently redid (and forgot to take a before picture of). This little pretty was refinished just to hold the favors at our wedding. Until then it is living next to our front door...

Next I want to share the next 10 items on my 30 by 30 list. For the first ten items and an explanation of this list see the first blog posting here.

11. Improve jewelry metal smithing skills and learn to solder. Soldering is something I have been wanting to learn forever! I have jewelry saws, metal files and other basic tools but now its time to break out the torch and get to work!

12. Learn to french braid my own hair. Although I can braid someone else's hair, lack of arm strength and patience has kept me from learning how to do my own. There are way too many cute hair styles out right now so I must get this task done before they go out of style.

13. Go on a cross country road trip.Tim is my absolute favorite traveling buddy and this is something we want to do while we are still in our 20s.

14. Become a grown up and get a "real" job with salary and benefits. For some reason I equate being a grown up with these things and will continue to feel like a big kid until I get my first full time job. 

15. Complete a sprint triathalon. Distance running has never been my thing and I can't ride a bike so swimming is the only event I currently could complete. However I love the idea of completing a sprint triathalon so think it is a great physical goal to set for myself. 

16. Return to Africa. Ever since spending the summer of 2008 in Tanzania and getting malaria before I was able to go on safari and visit Mt. Kilimanjaro, I vowed to return to East Africa and do these things and visit the orphanage where I volunteered again. 

17. Attend Bonnaroo. Every year I want to go to this music festival but never seem to get around to actually going.

18. Bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Before I become a mom I want to master a killer recipe for the best chocolate cookies so I can be "that" mom. Any recipe recommendations anyone?

19. Become proficient in Spanish. Any time I am taking a class or spend time in a spanish speaking country, my skills improve so much but as soom as I return home I always let me skills fade. I want to take a long trip or find a language buddy so I can master Spanish once and for all!

20. Sell Bonnybee Designs in stores. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never can seem to find the time to do. I have already been approached by a few stores in Birmingham so hopefully I am on the right track. But for now my jewelry can only be found in my Etsy store. 

So what do you guys think?! What are some of your goals?


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