Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PROJECT: The 'Stache Trend

Lately I have been noticing moustaches everywhere! However these are not real, homegrown facial hair, instead I have been seeing "decoration" moustaches. I am intrigued by these 'staches so I have decided to dedicate a blog entry to what I am calling "the 'stache trend". I am going to share places and products where I am spotting the 'stache, and show some of the crafty projects I did myself. Please take a look and make comments if you are also noticing the trend, you like or dislike it, and if you know about some type of secret society that these 'staches are representing (and if I can join it!)

Enjoy the 'stache creativity!

Moustache Mugs by Peter Ibruegger

Kurt on this week's episode of Glee fashioning an awesome moustache tee

Etsy Finds:

Retro Moustache Totebag by PaisleyMagic Moustache Postcard Set by sweetperversion

Fancy Moustache Pins by yummypocket

Around Knoxville:

A new restaurant has opened up by the University of Tennessee and its logo is a moustache!

I saw this sticker adorning a telephone poll on UT's campus...tags of a secret society maybe? Or just promotion for the new restaurant...

My Moustache Projects:
I decided to embrace the moustache trend by making 3 creations of my own!

1. Moustache Necklace
I made this necklace by cutting out two moustache shapes from a piece of black vinyl, fabric gluing them together, then decoratively sewing them. I then pierced two holes and hung the new moustache pendant from a chain.

Inspiration for this great necklace was taken from several moustache necklaces I found on etsy, like this one from Little Angels Jewelry:

2. Moustache Pillow
I used some black felt to make a moustache applique and sewed it onto scrap blue striped fabric to make this pillow case cover. This was my first time making a pillow cover as opposed to stuffing my own pillow. I think the zippered bottom came out pretty well and I am excited about being able to make covers which are easier to store, wash and swap out than full pillows.

3. Moustaches on a Stick
While browsing etsy's moustache related goods, I found these cute party favors by MyCreativeSideKG:

And I made some for myself:

I took these goodies to a closing retreat for Young Adult Volunteers (a year of service program I participated in this past year) and they were a huge hit! Here are some photos from the weekend.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear from you in some comments below. What do you think of the 'stache trend? Have you noticed it? Do they mean something other than just wonderful silly fun? Will you try some 'stache creations of you own?

Off to hunt for more 'staches,

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