Friday, May 6, 2011

PROJECT: Slumping Wine Bottles

This past week I have been playing in my pottery studio with melting wine bottles in my kiln. I have seen these cute repurposed wine bottles around the handmade scene and always wanted to try it. I mean how hard is it to melt glass, right? Well I was never able to find instructions on how to melt glass in a ceramic kiln (as opposed to a glass kiln) and was too scared to attempt it until last month when I had a booth next to some very friendly glass fusion artists and they told me in detail what custom firing I had to do to melt the bottles and fire them at the correct rate to make them sturdy. I bought one mold so I can melt the bottles into a shallow serving dish or all the way flat to make a cheese/cracker/whatever platter. Here are pictures of my first round of bottles.

So what do you guys think? Fun way to recycle and make a green craft in my opinion. Unfortunately not everyone has akiln but if you do have access to one and would like to know the firing schedule, just ask and I would be happy to share.

This Saturday (tomorrow) Bonnybee Designs will be in Memphis, TN at the Indie Style Market which I am very excited about! If you are in the area make sure to stop by!

Come back to see what I am up to next. Until then keep on craftin',



  1. please figure out a safe way to ship one to me.... i want to buy. and give me a good price :) or better yet, when i am in nashville, let's make it happen. please and thanks.

  2. Hi...i came across your this post while surfing the Pinterest....your bottle platters looks really nice and i would love to learn how to go about it....will you please tell me...i'm from India and though i don't have direct access to a kiln but but we have a place called "color factory" a small studio who lets you paint your own ceramics and then fire and glaze it for you think in their kiln i can do this bottle thing? guide me please.....

  3. I do have a kiln and would love to try this. Please send me the instructions.

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  5. I am looking for the firing schedule if it is still available.

  6. I just bought a ceramic Kiln for this same purpose. I would love to know how to do it. I have never used a kiln before so I need it in simple language. hahah Thanks any advice you can give would be great. Yours look fantastic.

  7. Hello, I have ceramic klin, 1200°. Can i melt the bottle with it? What material is it made to melt a molded bottle? Can you send me the instructions? Please.