Monday, June 27, 2011

PROJECT: Refinished Entryway Bench

Hello all! My apologies for my absence but I have had a busy few weeks because this Saturday I will be moving to Birmingham, AL for graduate school! I will be moving into a beautiful historic apartment and I am going to spend the next several months decorating it. This decorating process will be dominating my blog and a lot of my projects will consist of refinishing furniture so this post is a little teaser for y'all.

Last week I visited my father in Atlanta and seeing an awesome old bench (once belonging to my great grandmother) that was looking to be refinished, I jumped at the opportunity. After a day of fun family work here is how it turned out.

This redo was super easy so I will walk you through the steps in case you have a piece you need to breathe some new life into.

We started out with a piece that had great bones but a well used (read: somewhat nasty) seat.

First step was to pop off the seat. For this piece we just had to remove 4 screws from the bottom (make sure to keep these for putting the piece back together at the end).

We continued the demolition by removing the upholstery nails which hold the fabric and batting down.

We then proceeded to sand the wood bench and then spray it with a few coats of primer and burgundy spray paint. Between coats we reupholstered the seat.

Cut the fabric (I scored some awesome dandelion decor fabric for 50% off at the local Hancock Fabrics) a few inches wider than the plywood base. I added one layer of foam padding between the fabric and the plywood base for just a little cushion.

We then pulled the fabric around to the bottom of the board and stapled. To see this done before, check out when I did an upholstered headboard.

Now back to the bench. After the paint dried I did some distressing. I used medium to fine sand paper and tried to focus on spots that would naturally get the most wear (extra sanding on the corners but leave the insides be)

Lastly I just flipped the piece over on top of the seat and screwed it back on. Thank you to my father and Denise (who loved the end result) for giving me free reign to redo their bench and to my bf for helping out with the transformation. What do y'all think of the final results?

Do you have some furniture refinishing projects to do this summer? Would you like to come help us with all ours?


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