Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy Peasy Hair Elastics

     This is a super easy DIY that anyone can do. I have been seeing these cute new hair elastics around and knew it was a make instead of buy kind of thing. I have heard that they are better at not breaking your hair, don't leave dents in your hair (which I have found to be true) and I think they are cuter to wear on your wrist.  So in this post I am going to show you how to make some hair elastics of your own.

Above you can see the variety of colors I made. I bought all of my elastics from the following two shops on Etsy - MySunshineSupplies and ElasticHouse. There are a variety of colors and vendors on Etsy and I am sure other places, but I was very satisfied with these. Other elastics that I have seen my friends wearing were a little smaller and were a little tight on my larger wrists. Thus I decided to make mine plenty big. I started with about ten inches of elastic.

Next I just tied a simple knot and pulled it tight based on how large I wanted it to be. Then I trimmed off any excess and singed the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. I was a little unsure that they might still fray, get loose or worn out but so far I have been loving them!

The best part about these is that they are so quick and cheap to make. So grab some elastic, some friends and make a bunch! I would love to hear if y'all decide to make these.


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