Monday, June 11, 2012

My Recent Finds

This weekend I went hunting for wedding decor (planning on slowly acquiring what I need over the next year) and chairs to practice reupholstering. I thought I would share what I came home with!

I tend to have ups and downs when going "junking". Other people always seem to find this awesome furniture (not that if I found any I could fit it in my Honda Civic to take home) for really cheap and I always seem to come up short. This weekend Tim and I tried out 3 or 4 places to try and find some good shopping locations.

First we stopped at a Goodwill which had no good chairs but their other wood furniture pieces were way expensive ($300 for a nasty, not-even-antique wood dresser!) so I don't think I will be visiting there again. Next we went for lunch in downtown Homewood and shopped around the adorable Homewood Antiques and Marketplace which is my new dream location to someday have a booth selling my goods and redone furniture. They of course had wonderful things but nothing in our budget or needing redoing. Then we searched out a flea market I found online and after 20 minutes of searching (driving up and down the street over and over and asking people at a Dollar General) we determined this flea market did not exist. At this point I was ready to call this trip a bust.

However we carried on and checked out a nearby Salvation Army. Once again no luck with furniture but I did find a bunch of decor items that will be perfect for wedding decor.

 I got this lot for less than $20 and was pretty excited about it (Sorry it is hard to see because I took the photo with my phone). I got tea cups for teacup candles like these. Heavy candlesticks and cute plates for desert stands like these. A metal tray to add chalk paint to for a sign like this. I also got some little bottles, lanterns and baskets for super cheap.

After this trip my mood had improved but I was still wishing I had found a chair or two. Stopping by one last thrift store, we saw it was closed however I spotted some old dining room chairs on what I guessed was a trash heap. Their upholstery was totally water damaged and absolutely disgusting so I went ahead and grabbed the one with arms and threw it in the back seat!

These windows were snatched a few weeks ago but we drove by the place I got them (the dumpster outside a window store) again this weekend on the way to the dog park. Tim and I's conversation went something like this...

Me: Oooh OOh Tim look they put out more windows!!! Let's stop!
Tim: Bonnie, you got a ton of windows last time.
Me: I knowww but these are different!! They're different shapes...I need some of these too (this is being said in a super whiney pleading voice)
Tim: How about you use the ones you have first before you get more?

Ah he does keep me grounded; also prevents me from filing our entire apartment with junk I want to use for projects. So he is right...I will do some projects with a few of them then GO GET MORE!!!!!

So are you guys excited to see what I use this stuff for? Or does it just look like a bunch of junk to you? You can be honest.....but make sure to check back because I will make a believer out of you!

Off to use some of my "junk",

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