Saturday, September 18, 2010

PROJECT: Shabby Chic Frames

Whenever I see inexpensive wooden picture frames at the store I always make sure to load up because I love displaying pictures in hand decorated frames. So for this group of frames (one mirror and three different picture frames). I decided to try my hand at painting and distressing them for that "shabby chic" look. I also attached cutsie ribbons to each frame so they can be hung on the wall.

Here are the supplies I started out with and the project supervisor, my dog Wrigley, looking on.

For this first frame I sanded down the glossy finish on the frame and painted on several coats of light blue acrylic paint. After letting it dry overnight, I distressed the frame with some fine grit sandpaper. I sprayed on a few light coats of polyurethane to protect it, then attached a cute brown and white polka dot ribbon for hanging.

For this inexpensive unfinished mirror from IKEA, I painted it with the same color as the Refinished Toy Chest and same as before I distressed it, coated it with polyurethane, and added a ribbon for hanging.

This next frame was originally painted black and I sanded it down leaving some black paint and letting the light wood show. I painted the frame with red acrylic paint and after it dried I distressed it so that the black paint and light wood layers both came through. Finally I finished it off with some more polyurethane and another ribbon.

For the final frame I decided to try out some antiquing medium I bought in the paint section at the craft store. First I painted the frame entirely with cream acrylic paint. Once dry I applied the antiquing medium according to the directions. I mixed it in a 1:1 ratio with brown acrylic paint, applied it to the frame with a foam brush (particularly focusing on the details of the frame) and wiped it off. I think the effect was pretty nifty and am excited to use this technique to accent details on future painting projects.

Do you have any favorite picture frame refinishing projects you've done? What techniques do you use? Please leave any comments you might have below. Also I have already had a request for one of the items featured for my blog so I wanted to say that I am willing to sell all of the projects I make (I don't have room for all of them!) So if you are interested please please contact me.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


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