Friday, October 22, 2010

PROJECT: Week of Cosmetic Bags! Day #5

Friday, Cosmetic Bag #5

Today was the final day of Cosmetic Bag Week and here is the 5th bag I made. I think this one came out great and I once again used the fantastic iron-on vinyl. Below is the finished product followed by the tutorial!

I followed this tutorial from The first step was to cut out all the pieces. The tutorial has the measurements written out in centimeters and my cutting mat and ruler is only in inches so I converted cm to in and rounded the numbers to the nearest 1/4". There are a lot of pieces to cut for this one:

- 4 rectangles (one in each of the materials: outer fabric, inner fabric, vinyl and interfacing) measuring 10" x 6.25"
- 4 rectangles (2 of outer fabric and 2 of inner fabric) measuring 8" x 1.5"
- 8 squares (2 each of outer fabric, inner fabric, vinyl and interfacing) measuring 2.75" x 2.75"
- 2 rectangles in outer fabric only measuring 2.5" x 1.5"

you will also need one zipper at least 9" long and coordinating thread

Next I attached the vinyl to the right side of inner fabric and interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric by ironing. After this I shaped the rectangle pieces into rounded rectangles by making a template with a piece of construction paper and marking and cutting all 8 corners.

Next step was to attach the two side rectangle pieces to the zipper. Do this by folding over the long edge and then sewing both to the sides of the zipper using a zipper foot. The second picture shows the zipper a few steps later but you can still see how the rectangles were attached.

Then it was time to attach the tabs and side squares to both ends of the zipper. Using the two 2.5" x 1.5" rectangles made of the outer fabric, I made the tabs by folding each long edge in 1/4" then the whole piece in half and sewing along each long edge.

Attach the tabs and squares to the end of the zipper by placing the zipper piece face up, folding the tab in half and placing it on the zipper, and placing the 2.75" squares face down on top of the other two pieces. Then sew across the lined up raw edges.

The top of the bag was now completed and it looked like this.

Next the top of the bag was attached to the body of the bag (right sides facing each other). I marked the centers of the side of the outer fabric rounded rectangle and the unattached short end of the zipper piece. I do not have a good picture of this step for the outer fabric so here is a photo of when I did this step for the lining.

Next it was time to fold the sides of the bag up to the zipper piece and pin and sew this seam. I clipped both sides of the seam to make sewing around the curve easier. Before you sew both sides shut make sure to unzip your zipper so you can later turn it right side out. After both sides were sewn the outer layer was complete.

Next it was time to make the lining in a very similar way. I finished the inner edges of the long rectangles (which were not attached to a zipper yet) and attached them to the 2.75" inner fabric squares. There are no tabs to make or attach this time around.

Then I attached the top piece to the body of the bag (the rounded rectangle piece) the same way as before.

Once both sides were sewn, the lining was also complete. The last step was to combine the lining and the outer fabric.

To combine both layers I slid the outer half of the bag into the lining of the bag with wrong sides together and hand stitched the lining to the zipper. After this I turned it right side out and was all done!

The shape on this one came out great and once again, the vinyl worked great. Finally, my week of cosmetic bags is now complete! I would love to hear from you all about what you think!

Which bag did you like the best? Will you try any of these tutorials? Do you have any other patterns you like to use? I am really getting into making cosmetic bags and think I will have to do some more! I will make sure to share any others I create but before then I have oodles of other projects I am excited to try, so check back soon to see what I craft up next!


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