Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easy Wall Hooks

This project is a fun and easy one to make some custom hooks for your place. I had a lot of scarves, belts and other accessories I needed a place for in my closet so I made these hooks.

To make a set of hooks like this you need a wood board (I used a 1"x8" pine board), a piece of wood trim the same length as the board, finishing nails to attach the trim to board, paint and hooks.

I lined the wood trim up with the top edge of the wood board and attached it with wood finishing nails.

Next paint the board. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray with a dark glaze over it. I had purchased this paint to redo a vanity (pics to come of that soon!) and wanted to practice my techniques before starting on the big piece.

Last, attach the desired hooks to the board (mine came from Hobby Lobby and I love the weight and look of them). Then hang the hooks on the wall and start organizing!!

What do you guys think? There are so many options of shapes, colors and sizes to make your own wall hooks, I won't ever be purchasing them again!

* Bonnybee

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  1. pointed it right..there is no need to purchase new..when you have so many options ..:-) and more point that you should keep in mind is..
    "don’t use too many hooks on one brick. In fact, you really shouldn’t be using more than one hook per brick" was nice visiting here..thanks for sharing..and keep posting such post here in future too..
    display hooks