Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thirty by Thirty

This past Sunday I turned 25. This got me thinking about all the wonderful things that lay ahead of me in the next few years. It also got me thinking about some things that I have on my "someday" list that I want to accomplish while I am still young and (relatively) without responsibilities.  So I decided to make a list of thirty things I want to accomplish by the time I turn thirty. To provide accountability and since so many things on this list are crafty and/or exciting (at least in my opinion) I want to share my list on this here bloggie and share my progress on these goals over the years. 

Today I am going to start off by sharing the first ten items on my list....

1. Marry the man of my dreams. This item I am particularly excited about. My fiance, Tim, is absolutely the perfect companion for me and each day I am more and more excited to come home and see him. I know I am truly blessed to have found someone like him to spend my life with. Not to mention how much fun I am having planning and decorating for the wedding.

2. Learn to reupholster. So far my skills are limited to seats that can pop out but I want to be a reupholstery pro; able to do chairs with backs, cushions, arm chairs and someday even sofas. I have come up blank when trying to find classes in my area so am now determined to be self-taught-ish. As a birthday gift, Tim set me up with all the wonderful tools I need and I have already started collecting practice peices. Stay tuned to hear about my trials and tribulations along the way.

3. Get a furniture booth. For a long time now I have dreamt of getting a booth at a local shop where I can sell furniture that I refinish. I have shared a few of the pieces I have done for my home but I crave the opportunity to make more. 

4. Visit Southeast Asia. It has been far too long since I have traveled out of the country and my next destination must be to Thailand and Vietnam. Anyone wanna come with?!

5. Earn my masters degrees.This May I will be graduating with a Masters in Public Health and a Masters in Public Administration and I can not wait. 

6. Learn to ride a bike. You know the phrase "It's Like riding a bike?" I hate that phrase!! I rode bikes as a kid but become a wobbly unstable mess when I try to mount one now. I would love to be able to take weekend bike rides or commute to work but it is going to take a lot of practicing before I am comfortable on two wheels. For this reason riding a bike has always stayed on my "someday" list. 

7. Get crazy in Sin City. My wonderful besties are going to help cross this item off my list this Spring as they are planning my bachelorette party in Las Vegas. 

8. Throw an epic Halloween party.I love dressing up. My craftiness explodes when I am working on a costume. Unfortunately I never seem to make plans for Halloween and just end up staying home. Thus I am vowing to throw an epic Halloween party within the next few years complete with ridiculous decorations and costumes.

9. Buy a digital SLR camera and be able to use it. And I don't just mean turn it on and press the button. I want to say goodbye to out of focus photos with horrible lighting.

10. Have a ceramics studio again.Post college I inherited an amazing pottery wheel and kiln and had a wonderful set up at my mother's house. Currently in Birmingham I don't have the room in our rented apartment for a ceramics studio (crazy right?!). Before I turn thirty I want to be in a house with an unfinished basement or other space where I can set up my studio again. 

Well there are the first 10 items from my thirty by thirty list. Some of these I have already begun on and some I am not sure how I am going to accomplish. Do any of you have lists like this? If you did, what would be on your list??! Do you have any predictions on which of these items will end up making me cry?  Let me know in a comment below!


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