Friday, March 18, 2011

PROJECT: Snooki Shades

Warning: If you are going to judge me negatively for having a post relating in any way to the TV program "The Jersey Shore" please navigate away from this page

I do not claim to be a fan of the show The Jersey Shore. In fact I use to speak up adamantly in opposition to the program, claiming it was the shame of our youth's culture and encouraged meaningless and disgusting lifestyles. That was until I was persuaded to watch the show... I will admit it has its entertainment value. This leads us to today's post. I was recently invited to a Jersey Shore themed costumed party and I would never pass up a chance for a good costume party.

We decked out guido style with fake tans, clothes and accessories to match the look.

I focused on dressing up as Snooki so I added the large hair poof, the over-sized fuzzy slippers and the bejeweled sunglasses. So below is a super easy tutorial on how to make and rock your own fabulous Snooki shades!

Materials needed are the largest pair of sunglasses you can find which you don't mind transforming (I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for $4) and some acrylic jewels, rhinestones or sequins.

Lay out and hot glue your jewels to your glasses and you are all set to fist pump in style! Extra bonus, I could actually see through my glasses since there was some space between the jewels, thus they stayed on the whole night.

Craftin' costumes isn't just for Halloween! Have you been dressing up as anything fun lately?


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