Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hope everyone's holidays were filled with lots of love and cheer! Ours were busy but oh so fun. I usually don't make New Year's resolutions but after some thought Tim and I are doing our own sort of challenge.

We have decided to set two goals each month for things we would like to focus on that month. One will be a health/fitness goal and the other will be a social/ethical goal. After hearing about things like the burpee challenge and mile-a-day challenge I was drawn to try them out. The second goal will help us to live more mindfully and incorporate changes into our lives that we want to do but never get around to. Some goals I have in mind are only buying local produce, not eating fast food and even perhaps even some DIY adventures like starting a compost?

So for January we will be doing pushups everyday and increasing the number by one each day (this is my way of preparing my notoriously weak arms for the burpee challenge). For our second goal, we will be environmentally conscious by only using our reusable shopping bags (we are starting off easy this month). We have many reusable bags but forget them much too often so this month we are vowing to not bring home one plastic shopping bag!

Want some reusable totes of your own? Here is a tutorial I did last year on how to make your own!

So wish us luck and I'll let you know how our challenges go!
Anyone wanna make any predictions on how long our resolutions last?
Any suggestions for goals we should make?
Any of you make any resolutions this year?


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