Monday, April 25, 2011

PROJECT: Patterned Scarves

Well this project did not come out exactly I had envisioned but after several failures I did end up with two scarves that I like very much. I had purchased 4 pieces of fabric (1/2 yd each) which I thought would make great scarves. However I did not do my research and to make the type of square scarves I had in mind, you need A LOT more fabric. After trying to start this project and measuring a scarf I already owned to use as a template, I needed twice as much fabric! So that was fail number one (If you are going to make one of these, buy at least a yard of fabric!) I also attempted to fray the edges of the fabric to look like the store bought ones. This was also a fail. I could get the fray long enough, but when I tried to twist several together to get the simple tassel look it turned into a big old nasty mess. Thus I decided to just cut the scarves to the desired size and then hem the edges clean.

For the above scarf I used just the 1/2 yd of fabric to make a scarf which measures 18" x 54". I am going to find uses for the other fabrics I bought but this one was way too gorgeous so I had to have it as a scarf.

Since my purchased fabrics were too small, I pulled this piece from my fabric stash and it was big enough to make a big square scarf like I had in mind. The final measurements of this one are approximately 42" square.

I have actually put this black and white scarf up for sale on my Creations by Bonnybee Etsy shop so if you would like it I am going to sell it for $18! Click on the photo above for the link.

As you can see it is really large. The trick is to use a light airy fabric and that is what gives you that layered comfy look without making it huge and hot.

The two scarves above are the ones I already own and used as inspiration for this project. You can see that they both have fringe but as you can see in the close up below, the blue one has fringe added later, it does not come from the fabric. If any of you have any fringe advice please let me know!!!

Also before taking these photos I got a great new ladder which I am very excited about! Apparently there is going to be a household trash pick up soon in my neightborhood so I was checking out everyone's curbside discards while walking my dog this afternoon. Well I came across this awesome old ladder and just yesterday I was admiring awesome shabby chic ladders used for decor by other bloggers I follow, so.... with the previous owner's permission and my amazing boyfriend's help we carried it all the way home (this was approximately .25 miles and we still had the dog and two of his doggie dumps in a bag so as you can imagine we looked pretty funny)
Anyways it's ours now and I plan to paint it white and shabby chic-ify it as a wonderful display shelf for my new house next year. If you are skeptical, I hope you let me convince you with my redo! Below is a close up of the antique-y goodness. Ah what beautiful trash!

Well that is all for now but I will leave you by telling you that tonight I whipped up the over-sized slouchy clutches and they came out super cute so post on that coming very soon!

Off to raid my neighbor's trash piles,


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